“An Inconvenient Truth” FILM PIL

A film that we were watching in last semester…..in Pengantar Ilmu lingkungan. is actually “An Inconvenient Truth” a documentary film by Davis Guggenheim in year 2006. My opinion this is a great documentary film that ever I saw. in side the film we  will know about global warning in the hole of earth. cause, problem an many of fact in past century will introduced in this film.

“Depending on who you talk to, this was either the most important or the most damaging film for the environmental movement. It presented the scientific case for global warming in no uncertain terms, but it seemed to polarize the nation on the subject. Nevertheless, it’s hard to imagine what the climate advocacy movement would be without Al Gore at the podium. It also was historically important in opening up funding for the documentary genre, proving that even a dry Powerpoint presentation could rake in $50 million.

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