Previous years later when I was in the junior high school, senior high school and also elementary school, playing Plays Station game is the one of my hobby. Right now after graduated from senior high school, I didnt play new game again…

I did like to play RPG game or adventure rather than the other kind of game, cuz adventure game gave me opportunity such as the conversation, story line, vocabulary, and also RPG game use some tactics to be completed it, per mission or whole the game. So, I think Its use our mind to think and thinking more to resolve the problems that given the game.

I have  interested by PS or plays station when I was child in elementary school because of my friends often invited me to plays with him at the place where he was usually play PS. So in the part of day, spending by play PS  after take school is my habit…hehehe (long time ago) 🙂

Until this time I had been plays a few console of game, PS1, PS2, PC game, and Video Game, but just in PS1 and PS2 I have Game Overing maybe its more than 50 games . Here the name of game (I have to remember it, because it’s a long time ago) 🙂

PS 1 PS 2
Megaman X4

Megaman X5

Megaman X6

Captain Tsubasa

Castle Vania

Digimon Digital Card Bettle

Megaman X7

Megaman X8

Atelier Iris 1 : Eternal Mana

Atelier Iris 2 : The Azoth of Destiny

Atelier Iris 3 : Grand Phantsm

Growlanser Generation 2 : The Sense of Justice

Growlanser Generation 3 : The Dual Darkness

Star Ocean 3 : Till The End of Time

Suikoden Tactics

Yu Gi Oh : Capsule Colisieum

Yu Gi Oh : The Duelist if Roses

.hack// part 3 : Outbreak

Gundam S Destiny : O.M.N.I vs ZAFT

Shining Tears

Dawn of Mana

Grandia III

(to be continued…… I will remember again, )

Thanks to Allah SWT, my parent, my friends and thanks to everyone.  🙂

No one is perfect, so correct me if I wrong….  🙂